Production update for April

First of all our main focus is on the April release, chapter 5 that is currently called ‘The Orders & Archmages’. It will be an approximately 25-page release focusing on the magicians, their history and the most influential order, the Circle of the Stars, and an overview over the other orders as well. Included will also be artifacts (as our poll showed), and mystical places (as extras) to mention a few. It will not contain the magic system as it is big enough to fill a release of its own, which will arrive at a later date.

This month we will also release a draft for our character sheet for mundane commoners (spellweavers will have their own), for anyone to use. If you haven’t followed us from the start, our first release here, ‘Chapter 2 – The Broken Kingdoms’, will be available for sale at

Next up in May is our ‘Character Origins’ chapter, a background resource release for players and gamemasters alike, that will provide more background material, imagery and suggestions how to create your character in Fate of the Remnants.

Finally I have a handful of tasks waiting for me that has been postponed for a little too long, among them an update for our Patreon startpage which is less than relevant right now. Writing, coordinating our (excellent and very productive) team and producing the material you get here take virtually all my spare time, seven nights per week. So please bear with me for a little while longer.

Hope you all are enjoying the spring, here in Sweden warmth is finally coming ending our long dark winter, which is really nice.

Again I’d like to highlight and thank our team for their hard work and proactive approach – our editor Brie Sheldon, writers and game designers Monte Lin, Michael Duxbury, and of course our awesome illustrators Per Folmer, Hans Binder Knott, Tomas Muir and Sam Carr – you guys are all awesome!

Until next time,

/Chris with team