The Scriptorium



a.Gf. is a commonly used abbreviation by chroniclers, scholars and scribemasters when referring to a calender year, and means “after the Godfall”. The current year is 38 a.Gf.

Aetherspawn is the collective name of malevolent spirits, beings and demons of the Underiorth realms and Hel. Commoners know little about them, but are fully aware they can access the lands of the living – if someone with sorcerous and occult knowledge opens a path for them. In the past, magicians were associated with conjurers and summoners of evil spirits, but since the Godfall, they and their kin have been separated from the darker image of spirit-wooers long gone.


Age of Suffering

A serie of protracted wars relieved after each other, some millennia and a half ago, between magicians and godly allegiants.


A nest of brigands to foreigners and a shattered kingdom to it’s denizens, Aplegaard holds little of the riches it used to. Their orchards has been burned, the river valleys are poisoned and coastlines are haunted by sorcerous sea-beasts.


Old wizards, said to have found the secrets of magic in ancient time. Before the Godfall they had been banned as heretics by godly allegiants for hundreds of years, but are today seen as the last guardians of the surviving remnants. Their orders have established their presence in courts and villages, and having their kin or servants as guests is a big honor.


An old kingdom held in fear, by an as old lineage of kings, forcing worship of the ancient king-spirit upon the denizens. Well armed and protected, it has averted aggressions from the King of Dispair as well as from oraclau and cysegri and other threats. Few travelled there and returned, and the people there are said to be as impertinent as hostile to foreigners.

Ard Creagmara

Three days of sailing, east into the Sea of Eternity, is a larger group of islands situated. These islands has since the dawn of time been populated by wayward and experienced sailors, and later tradesmen. They call themselves Ards, a name derived from the name of their home–Ard Craegmara.


The people and lineages from Ard Creagmara, an island kingdom outside the Mouth of Eternity: Lies among the treacherous waters two days out into the Sea of Eternity.

Ashen Lands

The vast hills and plains south of the Gaithuann river. Long ago it belonged to Thuann, as provincial vassal states, but was ravaged and destroyed by the Storm Devourer, a demon that scourged the lands and eventually conquered Wrathwell, the old city that held influence over the region. Now it is cursed, and no one dares to travel the lands.


The title of Tair Doeth’s clergy, a lot who all were known for their divination abilities and sense of justice. They were strongest in Thuann, Archurion and further north, and were even seen among some tribes in the mountains. Today, their solemn and abandoned ceremonial sites can be found here and there, ruined but not always completely destroyed. Rumors say their hidden allegiants still tend to their holy grounds, not in a way that gives them away but enough to perform old religious duties.



b.Gf. is a commonly used abbreviation by chroniclers to point to the times “before the Godfall”.


The ancient bear-god was worshiped by the barbaric hill tribes north of the Broken Kingdoms.


The old lord of the sea and the maker of the world, according the old beliefs of the Ards. He is also known as the Old One From The Sea.

Brothers of the Earthglow

A less known order among the magicians, studying and delving into the secrets of the soil, herbs, trees and the creation and birth of small things.


A realm in the far Dawnlands.


A small kingdom east of Creodunn, in the rocky highlands halfway towards the desolate eastern coasts.



Capital of East Gaithuann. Lies on three of the islands in the river delta of Oricysd.


A region of East Gaithuann that consists of wetlands, rivers, swamps and marches, naturally isolated between mountain ranges and the Sea of Mists.

Circle of the Stars

The most well-known and most influential order of the Archmages. Magicians of the order master divination and foreseeing, celestial events, and the power of storms. Sometimes referred to as only the Circle.


A great kingdom on the southern shores of the Sea of Mists. Not always considered to belong to the Broken Kingdoms, it sometimes is.


Capital of the great Creodunn in the south, and the centre of the power of Queen Siona. Lies beautifully on an isthmus in the Bay of Shimmer, on the southern coast of the Sea of Mists.


An old kingdom and rival to Thuann, that was vanquished during the Rupture. Today only ruins covered by wilderness remain.


The cysegri are the allegiants and god-worshipers that sided with the traditional ecclesiasticals and scolders of the dark prophesies during the Rupture. At first an informal name of anyone of any religion who denounced the visions and premonitions of the oracles, but after the Godfall and after the ignition of the Oracle War, the title of a person with a religious fervor who took up arms under the banners of the traditional ecclesiasticals. One of the driving political powers behind the Oracle War and often seen as a self-righteous, power hungry and corrupted lot by survivors and remnants that encounter them.



Da Ud Raens

Da Ud Raens is the range of mighty mountains dividing East Gaithuann in two, the fertile lands of Caerganyrd, Wylla and the river plains of Gaithuann in the west, and the Cengwyrdd marshlands in the east towards Aplegaard. Once they were fortified by nobles with heritage from the early hill clans, but their strongholds were abandoned after the Godfall, leaving the roads and passes dangerous and unfit for use. The old mines are rumored to hold dark beings in their guts and few dare to venture there for ore and gems.


An eastern region of Iorth, spanning from the Mouth of Eternity in the south to the far northern cold stone deserts, to the frozen wilderness in the west.


A small kingdom in the Dawnlands.

Dragon’s Hall

A chartered town in the northern East Gaithuann, on the trade road to Archurion. Besieged a number of times by noble lords, zealot forces and rebel uprisings, but never taken.


The fantastic Archmage tower in Crowninghall, in Creodunn. Duskspire is not only an academy for magicians and a place of their studies, it is also a stronghold in its own right, and a power factor to be reckoned with.


A fallen old godess of light, whose allegiants early was hunted down. Is accused by some to have awakened the Darkness Before from its long slumber.


The half-ruined capital of the Autumn Dales (Girionn), still ruled by the noble family of Faerthwyld and their Spring Court.


East Gaithuann

A remnants from the ancient and fallen Thuann, but the strongest of the Broken Kingdoms on the western shores of the Sea of Mists. A subject to internal conflicts and a weak, inept king, most people hope for help from Queen Siona in Creodunn.


Ecclesiasticals is another term used to describe devoted worshipers of the fallen gods, often to denote some type of higher rank or title, with a tone of scorn. Sometimes called adherents, augurs, treemothers to name a few.


A shard of the old and great Thuann, and a less influential sibling kingdom to East Gaithuann. Borders to the river Gaithuann, the cursed Autumn Dales in the north and East Gaithuann in the east.


An ancient fairy realm of the Old Ones, and rumored to be one of the last still existing. Can only be found by those inaugurated by the people of the forest.


A small but old kingdom east of Creodunn, and borders to the Mouth of Eternity. Is seen as one of the Broken Kingdoms.

Ever Silent

The Ever Silent was a small family of gods that disappeared during the Rupture, and whose servants withdrew into the shadows a generations before the Oracle Wars began. Their vanishing was obscured and partially forgotten in the growing the conflict between cysergi and oraclau, and many branded them as perpetrators and lackeys of evil. With their enigmatic past and their secrecy, along with the fact that few of their sacred locations or relics exists today, their destiny is still difficult to discern.

Excommunication of Heretics

The Excommunication of Heretics was the final victory and triumph of the divine communities in an ancient conflict with magicians and Archmages hundreds of years before the Godfall. Ended with the banishment of the spellweavers, and their arts.



Among the spellweavers, the fainn is as much an ancient term reminding them of their heritage, as it is an important part of their daily lives. The fainn is a circle, fellowship and union, and refer to the tradition a magician belongs to, but it is also the term for the councils of their orders, where they discuss and solve important matters. A fainn is a political forum where differences of opinion meet, and where powerful agreements are met.

First Kings of Man

The First Kings of Man was mighty warchiefs and leaders that conquered vast lands and gave their people lasting peace for the first time in many generations. Their heritage included ingenuity and innovations, such as construction, carpentry, papir-making and mining. In turn, their people saw walls and fortifications, written signs and glyphs to pass wisdom and knowledge to future generations, and many refined arts.

Fishermen of Bodachmar

The fishermen of Bodachmar was a priesthood initially from Ard Creagmara, but during the Epoch of Allegiants their influence spread across the coasts and shores of the Dawnlands and the Sea of Mists. Today, their kin are shattered and spread out, not welcome anywhere.



The Godfall is a cataclysmic event that changed and shaped the world, and indirectly set the Oracle War in motion. Most religions had ways of explaining what happened, but few are those whoms ideas still linger. The Oracle War made every ecclesiastic unwanted and in the end, hated and hunted, so little remain from their views. Today, the Archmage orders state it was divine order and right that took its toll on “those who didn’t see the world” properly.


Hel cauldrons

Hel cauldrons are inexplicable pits that opens up in locations under the influence of the Darkness Before. From their depths strange lights can be seen, and during darker hours aetherspawn crawls up to infest the surroundings. Living beings around them can be lured down by the wicked powers under the Underiorth, and stories of whole villages being swallowed are sometimes being told by the fireplace. Needless to say, the Hel cauldrons provide a passage to the realms of the dead, and most fair-minded fear them like death itself.

Hel slaves

Hel slaves move in disorganized hordes, sometimes in smaller groups, but more commonly larger, such as companies of whipped, tortured and maimed soldiers. Their mere presence make remnants flee in sheer terror, as their undying bodies and rotten stench strikes fear in any living being. Larger gatherings of Hel slaves are often lashed by a sorcerous master that never strays too far away.

A small group of Hel slaves


A remnant city, well fortified and located in a narrow gorge called the Tongue of Hlidinn, located on the western plains of East Gaithuann. Hlidinn is a powerful defense toward brigands and warlord from the north, and is the city closest to the Autumn Dales in East Gaithuann.


King Aelricus

The weak and sickly king of East Gaithuann, holding his kingdom together only with the good will of Archmage Siobann. His vassals are said to sharpen their swords in the shadows.

King Ediccu

The much feared and hated king of Archurion, a vigilant ruler that keeps his kingdom with a tight grip.

King Gwiwund the Red

King of Eithuann, and a renown war hero, famous for leading armed commoners into battle, and outmaneuvering larger and more powerful foes.


Lands of Sunset

The mythical lands beyond the western wilderness, west of Eithuann. Some spellweavers say that river Gaithuann once stemmed from the Lands of Sunset, bringing strong powers of life with its streaming waters.

Lower Princedoms

The Lower Princedoms is a number of smaller realms and kingdoms that to some part existed before the Godfall, but grew in number after the Oracle War broke out. Some are founded on minor nobles family lands, while others are splinters from fallen kingdoms since before the war. Some existed before the war. They sometimes interact with the more influential kingdoms nearby and when in need of help, but often they are preoccupied with intrigues and clashes between whatever armies they dispose of.



The old and mighty river Malignon was once the vein of Archurion, sprawling with traders’ cogs and fishermen shipping goods from Aplegaard and the kingdoms of south to the colder and more isolated Archurion. After the Godfall terrible events cursed its waters, leaving few alive that dared its currents. Today, it runs dark and cold, and few have traveled it like one used to.

Muic Um Fwynn Laws

The valiant code of the ancient warlord Muic Um Fwynn, who made himself reknown for his just and righteous way of dealing with both foes and allies. Was recorded as a book of laws and words of guidance to his children, but was spread throughout his realm at that time. Is seen as a foregoer to the chivalrous ways of nobles of Thuann and Creodunn, and is still kept in Crowninghall in Creodunn, as a reminder of their heritage.


Oracle War

The Oracle War followed the Rupture and Godfall, which pitted the forces of cysegri and oraclau against one another. Eventually kings and mundane lords were dragged in, and the rest of the people supporting one or another faction. The Oracle War is still raging on, but have lost its momentum since a few years back when the allegiant forces was shattered and hunted down. The main forces still battling it are noble lords trying to defend or conquer lands, the worshipers that have survived, hidden cults and warlords, all trying to strengthen their grip of whatever they value and cherish.


One of East Gaithuanns mighty rivers, carrying down water from the likewise mighty Da Ud Raens mountain range. The river has many tributaries that once gave the lands west of the mountains nurture and life, today the river is as wild and licentious as a beast, and crops doesn’t seem to spring to life from its waters as they used to. Its estuary consists of a river delta, on which the ancient and fortified city of Caerganyrd lies.



A old neighbor and enemy of Thuann that was destroyed during the Rupture before the Godfall, and was situated somewhere between today’s Eithuann, East Gaithuann and the Autumn Dales. Today only a deep and dark wilderness exist where this kingdom lied, but in the forests are also terrible secrets left from the onslaught of the King of Despair, waiting to be found again.


The schism that was created when the Oracles predicted the Godfall, something that divided most religions into cysegri – those that opposed the Oracles to stay in power, and oraclau – that wanted to cast down the traditionals.


Sea of Eternity

The great stormy sea beyond the Mouth of Eternity in the east. This vast water is said to continue for eternity and anyone who tries to cross it disappears into the void beyond Iorth and the living. Some legends whisper it is the beginning of the Sea of Murkr, the primeval ocean that was before the gods created everything, and the source of the Darkness Before. It faces the Dawnlands in the north, and the desolate coastlands in the south, and surrounds Ard Creagmara east of the Mouth of Eternity. The people calling themselves ards believe it is the home of the fallen god Bodachmar, and ofter refer to it as the grave of him.

Sea of Mists

The wayward inner sea, lying west of the Mouth of Eternity and the estuary of river Gaithuann in the east. A major part of the Broken Kingdoms have shores facing this sea, which historically have been both a benevolent source of fish and trade, it has also been feared and shunned by seamen. Gargantuan beasts are said to take those who are unaware of its secrets, and not paying it tribute as in times of old. As its name suggest, veils of mists often cover it and many times legends have claimed they come to life when unworthy sailors are trying to set sails across.

Sea of Murkr

The Sea of Murkr is the mythical and all-compassing sea of spirits that to some fallen religions were said to exist before the gods created Iorth. It was a dark and never-ending sea, stormy with violent waves swallowing everything time and time again. Dark beings were cast against each other in it, forever and time again, consuming the weak to be consumed in turn. The Darkness Before is thought to be from Murkr.


In a world plagued by war, conflicts and darker needs, there are always servants willing to do what is asked, for the right price. A shadowhand is a feared and hated type, called spy by some, envoy or cut-throat by others. Shadowhands move unseen, and make sure their deeds are never noticed. Since the Godfall, many schemers and courtiers have been accused of working for foreign powers. Some of them falsely, some actually caught red-handed. Regardsless, shadowshands don’t last long once they are uncovered and there is some evidence, or anything, that point to them.

Storm Devourer

A much feared demon lord that scourged the Broken Kingdoms for years before withdrawing to Wrathwell in the Ashen Lands, the haunted battlefields between East Gaithuann and Creodunn.


Tair Doeth

Tair Doeth, or the “Three Wise Spirits” as they are more commonly known and referred to as in the Western Kingdoms, was at the beginning the tribal gods for the three ancient kings that founded the Western Kingdoms. They were also called the “First Forefathers” that had sprung out of the Ember, the divine light that is said to have scattered the powers of the Darkness Before at the dawn of time.


The most worshiped godess among the old fallen kingdoms, before the Godfall. The was the creator of the world and life, and her sanctum was the forest, full of life and lush. Her most holy allegiants were called Treemothers as well, and their devoted servants daughters. She didn’t embody conflict or hate, but was more of a nature force, giving life and taking life back. Sometimes called the All-Mother.


Wards of Mana

The Wards of Mana was the kings and queens that banished the Excommunication of Heretics that once had forced the Archmages and their kin into hiding. The Wards of Mana was established as a council of rulers loyal to the Archmages, with the intention to save the living from the Darkness Before, and through them get access to the power and protection of the spellweavers. Many distrust the magicians, still, and there are a lot of different view on them and their relationship with the Wards.

Weomund the Black

One of the First Kings in ancient times, and the founder of Caerganyrd, a heavily fortified city that would become the capital of East Gaithuann. Known for his journeys to Underiorth and his dealings with spirits of his people’s ancestors.


The ancient city of Wrathwell was once a sprawling market that called on for protection from tribal lords in the region. During the Age of Suffering it was fortified and switched allegiance more than once when warlords and kings came and went. It was some six centuries before the Godfall inaugurated into Thuann and became a central point for the trade going south and north. During the Godfall when the Storm Devourer revealed himself, it was besieged and conquered by him, laying the surrounding lands in ashes.